Leadshot Machine Operation Manual

Leadshot Machine Operation Manual

Leadshot machine works with melted lead. So it is basicly a casting
machine. Two important points need to be followed; heat levels and
melted metal.

The machine is equipped with a touch screen control panel. This panel
allows to control heat levels and start/stop of several units.

The controlled heat levels are;

*Heat level of melting pot by controlling the burner

*Heat level of operating mold by controlling the resistant

*Heat level of back-up mold by controlling the resistant

*Heat level of water tank by controlling the resistant

*Heat level of dryer by controlling the resistant

The controlled start/stop units are;





*Graphite Coating Tumbler


Beside this touch screen control the operator is able start/stop and
adjust the speed manuelly. The buttons are on the wall of elevator,
beside the mold. Operator can do;

*Start/stop the pump

*Start/stop the vibrator of the mold

*Adjust the speed of the pump

*Adjust the speed of the vibrator of the mold

*Fill the water tank by open/close the valve

Now let's see the sections one buy one:

Burner; The machine can use several source of energy; oil/gas/fuel. At 
first the type of energy source need to be set. Afterwards the burning 
level of the burner need to be decided. It is better not to change the 
setting and keep it constant after installation. The most critical point 
is the pureness and the pressure of the gas. It may cause some damages 
if not good quality.

Melting Pot; Lead has a melting point of 324 degree celcius. The heat 
level may varry between 380 and 420 degree. Never drop water on the 
melted lead. It may cause explosion of lead. Melted lead turns into 
leadoxide on the surface of the melting pot. Leadoxide has a much higher 
melting point than lead. So this turns into drust. Time to time this 
drust need to be taken out from the surface of the melting pot. This 
drust still contains high level of lead which can be recycled and gained 
again by high heat level melting pot.

Pump: Inside the melting pot there is a special pump which can work in 
melted lead. The function of this pump is to fill the small upper lead 
tank which lead is poured onto the mold. This pump is controlled 
manuelly. The speed adjustment of it is very sensetive, be careful by 
changing the speed.

Mold: The heat level of the mold depends on the diameter of leadshot 
desired. The nozzles of the mold will get blocked meanwhile. This 
blocking time depends on the quality of the lead mainley. As stated 
before lead has tendency to turn into leadoxide. Also if the content of 
tin is high this is another factor to block. Mold is a four layer 
structure. The combination of layers decide the diameter of the 

Water Tank: The heat level must be between 89-91 degree celcius. Beside 
that the PH level of water is important. There are special devices and 
chemicals to keep the PH level constant. Inside the water tank there is 
a special wood plate with a specific angle. It is very important to keep 
the wooden plate clean and smooth surface. Time to time the bottom point 
of the water tank need to be cleaned.

Elevator: Elevator moves in a special tank. This tank is also filled 
with water which is connected to the main water tank. 30 minutes before 
the operator starts to work it is better the elevator turns on. By this 
way cold water in elevator will mix in the hot water in the main tank 
and the heat level will get homogene. Time to time the bottom of the 
elevatro need to be cleaned. Be aware the elevator doesn't big lead 
parts like stones. This may damage the caps ot the elevator. Worst case 
can damage the chain of the elevator.

Dryer: The heat level of the dryer must be 100  degree celcius. After 
the heater of the dryer opened better not to delay to give movement in 
the dryer so the lead inside wouldn't melt.

Mirror: Mirror need to be set in correct angle to allow good round 
leadshot passes and the defect ones drops into defect pool. Once the 
setting is done no need to change.

Graphite Coating: It is critical to have correct amount of grahpite 
powder in the coating tumbler. If less the leadshot will not become 
shiny. If more the color becomes mate grey.

Seperator Sieve: Each sieve is changable. No need to change if it is not 
broken or any other diameter of sieve required.

As a summary the leadshot machine is a complete units which just 
requires lead ingot. All melting, casting, rounding, drying, selecting, 
coating and seperating processes done automatically. Operator must try 
to experience the correlation between these steps.

Data: 11 February2019

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